I couldn't resist the pale pink of these crackle agate barrels and had to make an unashamedly romantic necklace.  Crackle agate, also called fire crackle agate, has a crackled pattern in the stone like an old oil painting. Alongside the crackle agate I chose aventurine, picking out the palest of the pinks, and then added a sweet pink freshwater pearl or two to add some glossy opacity against the translucent agates and some small clear quartz crystal rondelles to add a discreet bit of sparkle.  But if all the pale pink wasn't enough, I decided to make it even more romantic with a handmade silver heart, set with a central cubic zirconia stone.

And just in case that wasn't romantic enough, I made a couple of earring variations with little handmade silver hearts to complement the necklace:


May 30, 2023 — Sarah de Larrinaga