These earrings combine some of my favourite themes:  the silver coins I make myself, this time with a heart-shaped cut out for a little romance; the contrast between the dappled surface of the coin with the smooth gloss of the creamy white pearl; the toning colours of the apatite and aquamarine stones.

This image was an experiment using my new camera to try to take better close-up photographs.  I find the photographing my jewellery the hardest part of being a maker, but the new camera - and the macro lens - has helped.  My next task is to master - or at least become familiar with - Photoshop, which so far lies untouched on my computer.  But until then, I shall have to keep pressing the button and hope it comes out well enough for me to get a good enough image to use.

May 30, 2023 — Sarah de Larrinaga